Ideas I’ve picked up about God (that I’m learning to let go of)

God can do whatever He wants because He is God. And no matter what He does you must view Him as and worship Him as good.

God is angry and violent.

Hell will be filled with more people than heaven.

God demanded a human sacrifice in order to be pleased with humans again.

God is glorified by tormenting people. And for some unfathomable reason He will torture the majority of His image bearers ( if you stick with a “traditional” view of hell).

Might makes right.

God is more concerned about abortion and condemning LGBT individuals than just about anything else happening in His world today.

All it takes to be “saved” is to say a prayer.

God cares about the lives He created until He doesn’t. Don’t think too hard about it. Just be happy you (presumably) made it safely into His eternal life boat.

People are just a means to an end. Only God matters. His creation has no right to question or complain.

God isn’t interested in (or able to) reconcile and save all or even most of the people He created.

God created woman to serve man. Submission and serving is pretty much a one way street. Though the opportunity to “serve” via leadership positions is mysteriously something women were just not considered worthy to do.

The “Good News” is really only good for a small portion of the world’s population.

This is the short list of some of the toxic ideas I’m realizing and naming regarding my understanding of God. Writing some of these things down is a way I’ve found to be helpful in working out these unhelpful and sometimes blasphemous ideas. Some of these messages were obviously not presented so blatantly but still what I reasoned out from many things I learned in church, college, Bible studies, ect. And as the title says I’m learning to let go of these ideas.

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