I’ve always been one to have a lot of questions yet have found answers are generally more difficult to come by. I have spent much of my life reading about subjects related to human rights and the atrocities people are capable of committing. This includes but is not limited to subjects like the holocaust (as well as other genocides), human trafficking, child soldiers, violence against women (too many types to begin listing), and the civil rights movement.

Beyond just reading about these things I have also sought to go out and do something to help people who have been hurt in various ways. This has lead me to work as a crime victims advocate which involved working with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Also during the years I spent living and teaching overseas I have had opportunities to do things like volunteer at a shelter for women and girls at risk for being trafficked. I have also gone on short term trips to witness first hand the injustice people are facing in places like the Middle East. My point being I am trying to do something besides get angry at the terrible things I see going on in the world. And much of this blog will probably be spent articulating the anger I’ve felt as a result of these experiences.

Despite the fact that I will probably end up writing about some fairly heavy and depressing subjects I have my reasons for why I still have hope (not so much in humanity but in a God who has shown us why not all is lost). My faith is in the person of Jesus Christ who continues to offer both confusion and clarity as I look at so many of the disturbing things happening throughout this world. However even though I still maintain faith that does not stop me from directing much of my anger towards God.

For the most part I hope to just be able to summarize the various things I read and think about mostly for my own benefit. Though I hope perhaps that if anyone does end up reading this they will have learned something useful and been moved to start or continue doing something to contribute something good in this world and not add to the seemingly overwhelming tide of negativity and suffering.