My problems with hell (ECT)

Here are some of my various random thoughts and objections to the doctrine of eternal conscious torment (as I was taught growing up). This is not an exhaustive list but highlights of some of my thoughts over the past few years regarding this subject.

Why couldn’t God be bothered to warn Adam and Eve about this terrible place when He warned them not to eat of that one tree?

God is no different than a roman emperor if He crushes his enemies in the end. A roman emperor crushing his enemies under his feet is exactly what (I thought) Jesus came to contradict not eventually become.

Anyone who things God is violent and vengeful and enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on others seriously needs to reconsider whether they’ve made a god in the image of evil men.

Why would I follow a god who is too incompetent or straight up refuses to redeem most of his world?

If God was a sadist how would the world look any different? Actually “evidence” would seem to support this is more likely the case than not if you insist on believing in hell.

Seems strange that God gets to torture people and be worshiped for it (which is what I thought Satan wants for us but won’t get) yet the difference is simply that God has the right to do whatever he wants so that makes it all ok.

So basically even though I’ve heard that Satan is the ‘enemy of our souls’ God is really the one who will hurt more people/souls for far longer than Satan ever could when all is said and done.

And while I might be willing to concede the point that God has the right to do whatever He wants I don’t agree that He can demand I call him good and worship him as such when clearly hatred and wrath supersede all other aspects of his character.

Ultimately if hell is true than eternity will display God’s hatred towards people more than his love.

God doesn’t seem to give us any good choices. Either join Him and be indifferent (even celebrate) his sadism or become a victim of that sadism. Join or be tortured.

Any pain someone suffers in this life pales in comparison to hell. So the pain of things like rape, abuse, and murder isn’t really so bad all things considering. And most likely anyone who has suffered in this way will end up alongside their abuser in hell. In the end more people than not will suffer grave injustice and never see it made right in this life or the next.

What kind of a god creates a world/makes a plan where he is most glorified by eternally tormenting the majority of the people he made?

If the price tag for God’s great plan is pain and suffering in this world and hell in the next for most people then God clearly enjoys hurting people more than loving, redeeming and restoring them and I refuse to believe that anymore.

And just a caveat: I have read my Bible (many times over) as well as various books on this subject over the years. As I’m discovering with many things in life this isn’t as straight forward as many in the Christian community would have you believe.

Some books I’ve read that cover this subject in varying degrees:

Razing Hell by Sharon L. Baker

Raising Hell by Julie Ferwerda

Hell a Final Word by Edward William Fudge

Her Gates Will Never Be Shut by Bradley Jersak

Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God by Brian Zahn

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