Some thoughts on abortion

This is not even remotely close to being comprehensive but these are some questions and observations I have had over the years having grown up pro-life. And while still holding to the value of every life I have come to understand more why people push for a woman’s right to maintain bodily autonomy and doing whatever she thinks may be best in whatever situation she may be facing in her life (and the life of the child). Try to be honest if you’re bothering to answer any of these questions.

If you had to keep your rapist in your life and in the life of your child  (that he fathered) would you not at least consider an abortion?

When you know (as I do) far too many women who have had irresponsible, lazy and negligent men who don’t stick around once their child/children are born or don’t help in any way to support them financially, emotionally, ect. would you not at understand why other women who observe this would consider abortion?

If you were in an abusive relationship and knew the situation your child would be born into would you really say getting an abortion wouldn’t cross your mind? (And try actually educating yourself about the dynamics of abusive relationships before flippantly assuming the woman should “just” get out).

If you were a young woman or teenager who finds herself unable to bear the potential shame, embarrassment and sure judgement she will receive from some (knowing the man will likely be completely free of these ramifications) would you not understand why she might consider an abortion?

And if you’re thinking well the woman should be responsible for keeping herself safe, fighting back, showing self control, and so on then why don’t you hear the equivalency of these judgements directed towards men and holding them accountable for their choices and actions? Society’s laws and attitudes still don’t even come close to keeping men responsible for their choices in the bedroom, or in committing crimes like rape, or in the life of a child they helped create.

Now as someone who was adopted I take it a bit personally that some people downplay the ramifications of the message that abortion should always be available and ‘on demand’. I don’t appreciate anyone insisting I should be dead because my biological mother didn’t want me (or couldn’t take care of me). I wish more people in society (but especially Christians) would lift up the hopeful alternative of adoption and talk about it at least as much as we talk about abortion. And I also wish more Christians who feel so strongly against abortion would do more to offer long term, loving support to a woman who has chosen to have her child despite serious challenges or hostility (like some of the scenarios listed above).

Yet despite my personal feelings and belief that every pregnant woman carries a life within her I am beginning to see better now why so many people say just getting a child born isn’t enough. Yes life is sacred and should be valued and protected. But until we seek to extend this belief and practice to all people no matter their age or life situation we will always face the reality that women will seek abortions.

So when will people who claim to be pro-life do more to see all the various angles and situations that contribute to why abortions are sought? Or does this not even register as important? Its not enough to just say “this is bad… so stop it.” Life is far more complicated and as the old saying goes ‘ don’t judge anyone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.’

And for those who will never have to worry about pregnancy, risk of injury or death from childbirth, or experiencing making a decision to have an abortion done to their body I would like to know what they have to offer besides moral outrage to women who seek them or have had one already ?

So I guess I’m really just wondering when will we truly believe and put into practice the idea that life, no matter a person’s situation or choices, is truly worth loving, protecting and fighting for at all stages of development and maturity?

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